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Founder Story

I’m Mone Nuel, a full time SEO Expert, accomplished Content Strategist, and highly proficient SEO Content Manager with an impressive 7-year track record in the dynamic world of online content creation.


Below are my key achievements, structured to highlight their relevance and impact:


  • Revenue Growth: Boosted Balance Coffee’s monthly revenue from £3K to £15K – £20K in 1 year and 9 months, demonstrating my ability to impact business outcomes through SEO significantly. (567% increment)
  • Traffic Growth: Achieved a 10X growth in the brand’s organic traffic, showcasing my expertise in developing and executing effective SEO strategies.
  • Growth in Visitors: Increased Balance Coffee’s site traffic from 100 to 1,100 visitors, highlighting my success in attracting a larger audience. (1000% increment)
  • Organic Traffic Impressions: Generated 17 million organic traffic impressions, significantly enhancing brand visibility in a competitive market.
  • Improved Organic CTR: Successfully doubled the organic click-through rate, indicating my ability to optimize content for better engagement and relevance.
  • Conversion Rate Improvement: Enhanced blog post conversion rates, resulting in a 54% rise in revenue, tying SEO efforts directly to improved business outcomes.
  • Content Team Management: Led a team of 10 SEO Content writers, demonstrating leadership skills and the ability to guide a team towards achieving collective SEO goals.
  • Link-Building Management: Oversaw a link-building team to secure backlinks from high-traffic sites, reflecting my strategic understanding of comprehensive SEO beyond content optimization.
  • Familiar with GA4, GSC, Google Lookerstudio, Microsoft Clarity, WordPress and Shopify


I am excited about the opportunity to bring my expertise in SEO and team leadership to contribute to your business success.


I found SEO Marketing Examples to help small and medium-sized businesses grow their traffic, using the experience I have gained. Here is what clients I have worked with say about me.


My journey into the realm of search engine optimization began with a thirst for knowledge, learning from renowned digital marketing experts like Neil Patel and Brian Dean


My passion for mastering intricate algorithms and strategies made me a sought-after authority in the field.


Throughout my multifaceted career, I’ve honed my skills in the intricate landscape of SEO through freelance work and personal website ownership.


My expertise spans beyond traditional boundaries, delving into various aspects of online visibility and content strategy.


With an unwavering commitment to excellence, I have dedicated my career to crafting captivating and informative blog content. 


My focus navigate the complex world of celebrities to the dynamic realm of SEO. 


My portfolio includes comprehensive explorations of SEO strategies, algorithm updates, and the latest digital landscape trends. Speaking of strategy, I recently wrote an article on Digital PR vs Link Building; you should read it.


My commitment to staying current with industry trends and my ability to decipher search engine algorithms have set me apart as a results-driven SEO Content Manager.


 I apply my SEO and content strategy knowledge to propel brands to the forefront of their respective industries, ensuring their online presence is visible and impactful.


When I’m not meticulously optimizing online content, I dedicate my time and expertise to assisting brands worldwide. 


My work is a testament to my unwavering dedication, extensive expertise, and unrelenting pursuit of excellence in the realms of SEO and digital marketing.


Join me on my SEO journey, where every click, every keyword, and every strategy leads to unparalleled online success. is not just a platform; it’s a testament to the power of expertise and innovation led by a passionate SEO Expert dedicated to transforming your digital presence.


If you want Mone Nuel to increase your website traffic in 12 months by 700%, start here.

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